Air Travel Complaints Are Increasing – Business Travel Complaints Are a Big Factor

It is no secret that air travel complaints are on a steady rise since the late 90s. Why? There are several reasons why airline complaints are on the rise. However, some of the more common airline problems are directly as a result of rising customer dissatisfaction.Airlines make most of their money from corporate America, and business travel complaints are only going up over time. Will this lead to boycotting air travel? I doubt it. You are not going to drive from New York to Los Angeles for a meeting are you? Business travelers understand this, however this does not mean they do not have rights to file airline complaints when necessary.Business travel will keep on until we have companies located all over the world – and as economies expand, business travelers will continue to flock from one end to another. Unfortunately, many travelers experience airline mistreatment here and there.Sad as it is, it just goes with the territory. Some miss big events, client meetings and other important aspects of their business due to delays, cancellations and other airline issues.Because of constant cost cuts, many airlines are not adequately staffed at all. Unfortunately this causes more disgruntled passengers, who are willing to sue the airline in small claims court.Airline companies are in a bad position. With shrinking profit margins, increasing costs, and essentially operating under net losses year after year, there are clearly very deep airline issues that go beyond just air travel complaints.How can airlines avoid these issues? By responding to customers promptly, and being honest with their responses. Anything short of that spells trouble for an already struggling industry.Many business travel complaints do not end up in small claims courts. Business travelers do not bother to sue the airlines. Why? They are usually too busy. Most don’t even know where to start. But for someone who wants to go this route, there are resources available to walk them through the process and ensure a successful settlement of their airline problems.